Meet Bridget

    Bridget was born and educated in South Africa and then qualified as a sports injuries therapist in the United Kingdom. With a background in interior design, Bridget has a love of all things real estate, whether it’s buying, selling, renovating or staging.

    As someone who has relocated between many countries, buying and selling properties along the way, she excels in helping her clients navigate the most stressful part of the real estate transaction – the moving. Naturally, given her background, she’s also an incredible source of design advice for home buyers seeking inspiration. Bridget is task-oriented with a keen attention to detail, and strengths in time management
    and organization.

    Bridget moved to the United Kingdom from South Africa, then on to Seattle WA, Switzerland, Boston MA, and finally settled in Nashville TN in 2016. In her spare time she loves to bake and travel with her family - her husband Marc, a highly respected international coffee specialist, sons Matthew (29) and Joshua (19), and a Golden-doodle named Truman.