Meet Darren

    Originally from Orlando, TN, Darren Etengoff moved to Tennessee from Denver a decade ago, looking for a fresh start. His passion for real estate was sparked by the client-centric approach of a family friend in Florida, who built his business through listening to clients and problem-solving.

    A hard worker, Darren balanced three jobs before entering real estate in 2016, honing his communication and problem-solving skills in factories, retail, and hospitality. These experiences have equipped him to excel as an agent, ensuring personalized, strategic, and seamless transactions for his clients. Darren understands that each deal is unique and, after taking on board his clients’ needs, he creates effective strategies that make the most of the dynamic real estate market. He’s also excellent at helping his clients to stay positive in all scenarios, and by setting clear expectations and tackling challenges head-on, he ensures that the client’s experience is as stress-free as possible.

    Darren enjoys building trust with his clients and transforming challenges into opportunities-but his greatest achievement is gaining new clients through word-of-mouth referrals. Outside of work, Darren loves health and fitness, hiking, camping, and spending quality time with his family and two Dobermans.