Meet David

    Seattle-born David is a licensed contractor who runs a luxury interior design business together with his wife Holly, working on high-end remodelling projects that Holly designs. He got his real estate license in 2015 and is thrilled to be able to provide a bespoke, luxury buying experience through Luxury Homes of Tennessee. His wealth of experience in design and renovation is a huge asset for buyers and sellers as he’s able to see the potential in a property, share his ideas with clients and homebuyers, and provide insights into the renovation opportunities for each home.

    David clearly has an eye for a beautiful house - his and Holly’s latest project home will be featured in a national design magazine next summer. It’s a far cry from his previous career, where he earned a doctorate in pharmaceuticals and worked for 10 years as a pharmacist – although his background no doubt accounts for his meticulous approach to renovations. Today, not only is he a leading expert in property, but he’s also a mayor of a small town in the country where he lives with Holly, their three teenagers, three cats and a guinea pig named Scooter!