Meet Heidi

    After she moved to Williamson County in October 2020, Heidi found that it’s the ideal place to live and build a future, and that the community, culture and Tennessee landscape are hard to beat! That infectious enthusiasm for the area and a passion for entrepreneurship led her to a career as a realtor, and she’s excited to expand her horizons in an industry that is all about relationships. Knowing firsthand the emotional impact of buying or selling a home, Heidi guards the best interests of her clients very carefully, showing up with energy, empathy, patience and a determination to create an easy, aligned experience them.

    Her ability to help people find clarity around what they want – and give them the confidence to create the life they deserve – certainly comes in handy when advocating for her clients during negotiations. She’s resourceful, determined and a fierce ally that will work tirelessly on behalf of her clients.