Meet Jared

    Jared Johnson, a Middle Tennessee-based real estate professional, covers a diverse range of areas, from rural to urban and suburban locales. With a background in corporate negotiations and supply chain management, Jared transitioned to real estate in 2018, leveraging his expertise to excel in negotiations and serve a broad clientele, from first-time buyers to retirees.

    Since obtaining his licence, he has facilitated approximately 150 relocations to Tennessee and earned accolades such as Rookie Agent of the Year (2019) and Top Agent Awards in 2021, 2022, and 2023. Having sold $115,000,000 in real estate since 2019, Jared has fulfilled a dream he had since his college graduation 25 years ago.

    Jared takes pride in making significant financial decisions stress-free for clients. His commitment to excellence is evident in his strong interpersonal skills and genuine love for working with people. Renowned as an expert negotiator, Jared never stops, consistently delivering top-notch results for his clients.

    Outside of work, Jared values family time, enjoys playing soccer, and engages in activities with his wife, Erin, of 22 years, and their two children, 18-year-old Madalyn and 16-year-old Nicholas, a high school sophomore.