Meet Jayme

    Jayme is a complete go-getter, driven by the fun of the real estate world, the excitement of exploring potential new properties and brainstorming how she’s going to market her client’s property. Whether she’s introducing her clients to their next chapter or helping them close their last, she loves to be there every step of the way – and while there might be obstacles along that path, Jayme and her team are well-equipped with the resources and solutions necessary to clear them out the way.

    Thanks to her previous career in sales and negotiating, Jayme never goes to the bargaining table unprepared – with perseverance and a very clear understanding of each side’s advantages, disadvantages and what they hope to gain, she is instrumental in achieving win-win deals. Jayme is a self-proclaimed real estate addict who’s always happy answer questions and has a wealth of contacts for her clients. She also keeps her eyes on latest listings, off -market opportunities, and oncoming trends – all crucial information for her clients as well as any upcoming negotiations where she’ll need to know a home’s current and potential value. In her spare time you’ll find Jayme with her husband, two sons and a dog, or dabbling in graphic design.