Meet Josh

    Josh Lansford, an experienced professional in the real estate industry since 2017, is committed to helping home buyers and sellers in Alabama and Tennessee in achieving their real estate goals.

    With a background in pastoral and ministry leadership, Josh brings a unique perspective that extends beyond the typical transactional aspects of real estate. His past involvement in assisting new immigrants during their transition to the US has equipped him with a keen understanding of people's motivations, enabling him to offer steadfast support during challenging times.

    In every real estate transaction, Josh places a high priority on coaching, counseling, and addressing the specific needs of his clients. His commitment to building meaningful relationships is evident in his approach, characterized by hard work, active listening, and consistent follow-through. Clients value his flexibility, low-pressure sales tactics, patience, adept negotiation and analytical skills, as well as his ability to accurately price and market homes.

    Josh's mission is not only about finding a home or facilitating a sale; it's about guiding clients through the entire process, from securing the best loan to optimizing the selling experience. He is readily available to address any needs or concerns, ensuring a smooth and satisfying real estate journey for every client.