Meet Ornit

    Originally from Israel, Ornit Aroni, lovingly nicknamed Oreo by those close to her, moved to the States over 14 years ago in the pursuit of self-growth, new experiences and meeting new people. The last 9 years have been spent in Nashville, where she owns her own business and now works as a realtor for Luxury Homes of Tennessee. She sees huge growth in the Middle Tennessee real estate market and, as someone who has been in sales her whole life, Ornit is incredibly excited about the opportunity to make her mark in the world of property. She’s excellent at reading people and connecting with her clients, whilst tenaciously pursuing their best interests – in fact, Ornit takes a proactive approach to all challenges and believes that it never hurts to ask for what her clients are looking for. She also brings multi-lingual skills to her role as an agent, speaking Hebrew and Spanish fluently while learning Turkish and Arabic in her spare time. On the weekend, you’ll find Ornit at concerts and comedy shows, or spending time with her dog Wally and cat Emma.