Meet Sherri

    Sherri, a seasoned real estate agent in Tennessee's Williamson and Maury Counties, brings a wealth of experience to her role, specializing in residential homes, land sales,and investment properties.

    Before relocating to Tennessee in 2021 to be near her children and grandchildren, she lived in Texas, spending 41 years in San Antonio followed by seven years in Fort Worth. Sherri obtained her real estate license in Texas back in 2006 and later in Tennessee in 2023. It was showcasing the breath-taking landscape of middle Tennessee to buyers and helping sellers sell their homes that inspired her return to real estate.

    Sherri first worked in sales management in the automobile industry for 15 years, where she achieved top producer status in finance for nine years and setting a record in sales facilitation in her subsequent role.

    Although her excellent sales abilities add to her role as estate agent, Sherri also has a passion for taking on home improvement projects and has a keen eye for detail. She says these qualities bring out the potential of a property and guide sellers to present their homes in the best possible light.

    When she is not working, Sherri loves cooking, attending sporting events and gardening. She also cherishes time spent with her family and her beloved dog.