Meet Tricia

    Originally from Yorba Linda, CA, Tricia moved to Tennessee in January of 2021. She is based in the Middle TN Office in Franklin and describes real estate in the area as offering stunning, spacious homes and expansive land.

    Before she became a real estate agent, Tricia specialized in real estate appraisal and home remodeling with TS Home Design in Anaheim, CA.

    As a Realtor in Tennessee, she achieved the title of the 2nd highest producing Realtor in her office for both 2022 and 2023, an impressive achievement considering she obtained her real estate license just a few months prior!

    As an agent, Tricia excels by closely listening to her clients' needs. Recognizing that couples often have different preferences when it comes to buying a home, she works hard to identify properties that will please both parties. Tricia is known for her patient approach and understands that finding the perfect property may take some time. Above all, she wants to ensure her clients are happy.

    What Tricia loves most about being an agent is meeting incredible people from various backgrounds and helping them to find their dream homes in Tennessee. She also loves assisting sellers to get top dollar for their homes by going the extra mile to make their properties stand out.

    Outside of work, Tricia and her family lead an active life with horses, dogs, and cats that keep them busy. She also enjoys taking walks in their neighborhood and Sunday church with friends.

    Tricia is supported by her husband, Brian, 30-year-old son, Garrison, who is an RN, and daughter, Elli, who bought her first house at the age of 26! Tricia is surrounded by a loving and supportive family and loves welcoming new Tennessee friends into her ever-growing TN Bestie friend group!