Meet Matt

    Together with his wife Chelsea and their two boys Matteo and Owen, Matt moved to Middle Tennessee from Manhattan Beach, California in 2020. He grew up in Arkansas, Michigan and North Carolina before heading off to Wheaton College outside of Chicago where he earned a business degree while playing golf and running track and cross country.

    Like his father and grandfather before him, he worked in the furniture industry before moving to Los Angeles to forge his own path. Over the next 20 years, his entrepreneurial spirit and interest in health and wellness saw him in a host of different roles, such as a yoga teacher, surf instructor, chef, meditation guide, Feng Shui consultant, podcast host, wedding officiant and, lastly, REALTOR®.

    Through his experiences he’s realized that he loves being there for people in their big moments, and his clients will attest to his calm and supportive energy. He’s passionate about helping people find their new home by taking the time to truly understand what they’re looking for before using his resources and resourcefulness to help them find it. In his free time, Matt loves gardening, spending time in nature, traveling and cooking healthy meals with his family.